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Nature trail: Exceptionally scenic loop path that extends for over six kilometres and includes the upper part of the massif of Monte Rite.

The itinerary, that connects old rural paths and military trails constructed before the Great War, aims to promote, in addition to the magnificent landscape and superb view, the botanical, wildlife, geological and historical aspects of the area too, well described and illustrated on the thematic panels distributed along the path that features ever-changing natural environments: grasslands, high-altitude pasture, woods, rocks and scree. A lightly-exposed section of the trail is crossable in safety thanks to the presence of a wire cable.


Zoldano loop: circular trail that runs along the paths lapping at the main mountain groups in Valle di Zoldo: Mezzodì, Pramper, San Sebastiano-Tamer, Moiazza, Civetta, Pelmo e Bosconero. The base path has 6 stages, with daily journey times ranging from 4 to 7½ hours, and overnight stays in mountain huts or mountain hotel. The passage to Monte Rite is planned for the end of the fifth stage.


High route n. 3: The Dolomites mountain hut is located along "High route n. 3" or "Chamois high route" which, starting from Villabassa, leads in about 8 days walking to Longarone.