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Spending the night on top of a high mountain is a truly unique experience, on Monte Rite you can experience it without facing the hardships posed by bivouac at high altitude.

At sunset, when only the wind dares, sometimes, to break the profound silence that envelops everything up here, the light gives up its greatest spectacle and gives life to a real symphony of colour. The valleys that a moment before presented countless shades of green that distinguished forests and pasture, sink gradually into darkness, while the sun's rays play with the crystals of the rocks, creating a blaze of reflections and a rainbow of ever-changing colours ... seeing nightfall up here can become a profound experience, even spiritual, certainly intimate, exciting and passing. Faced with nature's enchantment, our perception of ourselves and of the world changes, you find perspective and even if only for a few moments we feel part of the whole and in harmony with it.

The vision of the peaks at dawn reawakens similar feelings, as does the enchantment of the intense sparkle of the stars not weakened by the light pollution down on the plain.

Full moon nights are magical up here, during which the legend of the Pale Mountains comes to life and the Salvani spin the moonlight and weave it around the rocks to disperse every trace of darkness, so the Princess of the Moon can continue to live on Earth beside her beloved. [ C.F. Wolff  "Pale Mountains"].

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The hut has 4 comfortable double rooms with private bathroom and two large dormitories with 10 beds, each flanked by a bathroom provided with two showers, two toilets and two washbasins. (In total 30 beds).

The use of hot water is free.