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The Dolomites Mountain hut (2.160 m) is nestled in the south side of Monte Rite, just 20 meters below the summit, and the famous Messner Mountain Museum.

From up here, the view is magnificent. The majority of the most beautiful Dolomite peaks encircle following one another uninterrupted.

The panorama extends from one peak to another but a sharp eye looking to the west, towards the Val Zoldana and moving clockwise, will spot the great towers of the Spiz, and immediately to the right the Castello del Moschesin and the San Sebastiano peaks with their broad valleys. Go down the gentle green slopes of the Duran Pass, beyond which stand out the Agner and Cimon della Pala, then ascend until you reach the large walls of Moiazza. Admire the grandeur of the Civetta (3.218 m.) and the unmistakable profile of the Marmolada (3.343 m.), and will focus caught by the imposing Pelmo (3.168 m.) and the pink shades of the Croda da Lago and Tofane (3.244 m.). Looking north. expert eyes, will recognize the Croda del Becco and the Cortina d’Ampezzo valley, will focus on the wide walls of the Croda Marcora and characteristics ledges Sorapiss (3.200 m.); spot the Antelao (3263 m), the Marmarole group and in the distance the Carnic Alps, the Peralba, the Cridola and the Spalti of Taurus. To the south discover the renowned slope of the most characteristic side of Cima dei Preti and the most beautiful slope of the Duranno. Close by admire the Sassolungo di Cibiana and the Sfornioi, then surrender to the magic of the soaring pinnacles of the Bosconero group. Now continue to the Col Nudo and imagine the plain and the Venice lagoon down below, at the bottom, beyond the Schiara massif, before finally completing the spectacular circle of crags, forests and white scree on the top of Talvena.

During the summer season, when the Monte Rite surprises us with its extraordinary flowering, you can meet the Yak, the characteristic Himalayan cattle that graze freely