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At the beginning of the last century the Kingdom of Italy reinforced the defences of the Cadore against an Austrian invasion in this area. So it built observatories, mule tracks, shelters and fortifications, some of which made up the "Cadore-Maè Fortress", as did the Monte Rite complex which however was not involved in the Great War. In fact, the combatants were stationed in other areas and not here. In November 1917, after the defeat of Caporetto, the Italian army abandoned this location which however was damaged by Austrian explosions in the following year.

In the summer of 1944, during the Resistance, the remains of the Fortress served as a refuge for partisans of the Cadore.

In 1997 Reinhold Messner identified the Rite as the ideal site for the "Museum in the clouds", the first of the 5 mountain museums he conceived. So, thanks to the collaboration and commitment of the Veneto region, the Alto Bellunese Local Action Group, the Centro Cadore Mountain Community, the municipality of Cibiana di Cadore and the professionals and businesses involved, the renovation began and as early as 2002 the Museum and the Mountain hut were inaugurated, realized respectively in the building of the former Fortress and in what had been used as a barracks.

The building, made entirely of stone, re-evokes its original destination. Thanks to the recent renovation the ground floor includes a traditional bar, two welcoming dining rooms, kitchens and toilets, while upstairs there are large and comfortable bedrooms.